How to Grow Alocasia Plants

How to Grow Alocasia PlantsAlocasia growth can be broken out into two catagories one catagory of Alocasia prefer moist soil (the green leaf types) and the other prefers very well drained soil on the drier side. (Amozonica) Alocasia is commonly referred to as Elephant Ear, the huge green to deep purple leaves bear a likeness to the ears of an elephant. Alocasia will adjust its size according to the amount of sun it receives. The more sun it receives the smaller it will be, the less sun it recieves the larger it will become "to a point". In some cultivars the difference can be staggering. The green leaf cultivars such as Calidora and California love water these types will grow well along side a pond or lake. Other cultivars prefer drier soil and if kept moist will develope crown rot these varieties are Longiloba, Amazonica and other like kinds. When growing the green type in the home landscape we recommend morning sun and afternoon shade in an area with an ample water supply.This will produce huge, broad leaves in Alocasia Calidora. We recommend a soil rich in organic fertilizer with composted manure. Compost should be worked into the soil at a ratio of 1/40 lb bag per 16 sq. ft. this ratio will produce the best results. A slow release 12 month balanced fertilizer applied in the spring will provide nutrients throughout the growing season. When fall arrives the plants should be allowed to die back by restricting water or the onset of frost at this point the bulbs can be brought in for the winter in zones 7 or above or left in ground in zones 8 and higher. Most Alocasia prefer high humidity and grow larger faster in humid conditions. Alocasia can also be grown as a terrarium plant and tend to thrive in the humid conditions. Amazonica does well in moderate humidity and when placed in the controlled eviroment of a terrarium the results can be spectacular thus giving virtually anyone the ability to tend a piece of the tropics. Alocasia flowers are borne readily in upright clusters throught the growing season as a spath type flower and have a mild to fragrent smell depending on the species. I recommend trying Alocasia Calidora for first time growers but remember to leave room in your garden because you will have to have more.

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