All About Alocasia Plants

About Alocasia Plants

Alocasia plants is a web based plant nursery specializing in hard to find tropical, exotic Alocaia plants. Alocasia are also refered to as elephant ears (a terms that applies to Colocasia, Xanthosoma, Alocasia and caladium) Alocasia plants tend to have a passionate following among the gardening community. With staggering specimin collections. There is much variation among the different species and hybrids, these variations range from a height of 8' to just inches, Colors span vibrant greens to shiny blacks. The appearence of Alocasia plants in the landscape tends to take on certain character. This appearence can be attributed to their ability to own the area in which they grow. This stand alone look can be seen as a focal point around ponds or next to structures. Alocasia is quickly taking its place in the yards and homes of gardeners throughout the northern and sub tropical United states and for good reason, there ability to be dug up and stored for the winter allows northern growers to partake in the tropical look and feel around ponds, in containers and throughout the home landscape. Be sure to check out our edible plant collection.

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